EQUILAX is designed for horses, which contains in its composition the natural active substances, which support the maintenance of normal gastrointestinal function. Unique natural ingredients contained in the EQUILAX are involved in regulating normal bowel function.

Senna fruit (Sennae fructus), thanks to the content of its exceptional composition of substances such as antranoidic glycosides, renin and aloemodines has a laxative effect. It improves the stimulation of peristalsis of the large intestine, accelerates the movement of intestinal contents as well as inhibits the resorption of water from the cutter tract, causing liquefaction of the stool.

Administered orally after being mixed with wet feed.

Adult horses:2 times a day for 10g, ca. 3/4 attached measure.
Foals:1 time a day for 5 g, ca. 1/3 attached measure.
Ponies:2 times a day for 5g, ca. 1/3 attached measure.

Available packaging:
200g – for 10 day treatment
400g – for 20 day treatment