Faol Antivir

FOAL ANTIVIR articularly recommended for horses who have gastrointestinal problems in order to assist the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Products naturally enhances the immunity.

Oak bark (Quercus cortex) contains in its composition valuable catechining tannins, which act strongly astringent, anti-inflammatory and antidiarrhoeal. They inactivate bacterial toxins produced by pathogenic microorganisms. Oak bark has also antihemorrhagical properties. In addition, a unique active substances contained in the bark of oak inhibit the multiplication of viruses.

Administered orally after being mixed with wet feed.

Adult horses: 2 times a day for 10g, ca. 3/4 attached measure.
Foals: 1 time a day for 5g, ca. 1/3 attached measure.
Ponies: 2 times a day for 5g, ca. 1/3 attached measure.

Available packaging:
200g – for 10 day treatment
400g – for 20 day treatment